The Last Word About Quick Base!

One customer took the time to write us about Quick Base® and about our consulting services.  We share his thoughts with you…

"The Arkansas Renewable Energy Association operates using Quick Base®.  Choosing Quick Base as our database on the cloud is one of the best decisions we made.  By selecting Quick Base, AREA is only limited by our imagination regarding our cloud computing needs.  Operations responsibilities are coordinated, easily delegated and integrated.   Access is from any internet connected computer.  That means you may not have to “go to the office.”

If you are not using Quick Base and need an integrated database management system to manage your information flow you can skip over so many other choices and go right to the ultimate in database management systems.  The use of database management systems is nothing new.  Software vendors have installed many options within the computing world.  There are still MSDOS systems in current use.

With Quick Base you can start from scratch with as little as an existing spreadsheet or choose a fully integrated application and customize it further to suit your needs.  AREA chose to start with an application solution pre-developed for non-profit organizations from Crystal Bay Solutions.  Working with Cullen Coates at Crystal Bay Solutions was virtually seamless.  Cullen made sure that we had our needs met within a short amount of time.

If you want to leapfrog from where you are to where you need to be with your integrated information architecture you really should check into Quick Base to see for yourself.  It’s the ultimate in cloud computing and Crystal Bay Solutions may be able to help you get on your cloud sooner!"

Frank Kelly, Chairman
Arkansas Renewable Energy Association

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