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HR Management - A comprehensive HR Management solution for most HR functions including detailed employee information, performance reviews, timecards, benefits, payroll inputs, visa tracking and more. 

Corporate Workflow Management with QuickBase - Examples of how Quick Base can be used across the enterprise to implement shared workflow applications in all departments.

Manufacturing Batch Production Management - A pre-built application designed for Microbrewery or other manufacturing batch production, inventory, CRM and PO management. Easily customized for any manufacturing batch process. 

Non-Pofit CRM and Enterprise Management - One of the most extensive online Non-profit CRM applications, including donor, event, membership, program, payments, volunteer management and much more. 

Non-Profit Workflow Management with QuickBase - Examples of how Quick Base can be used in a wide variety of ways to improve productivity by automating non-profit administrative workflows. 

Parish Management - A comprehensive solution for Parish management. 

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC Overview - An overview of our consulting services and clients. 


A Catalog Approach to Database Design - Viewing company workflow systemically and applying online catalog concepts to system design will drive development of better- integrated, more adaptable workflow solutions.

Effective Performance Coaching - How to coach your employees to achieve disciplined and effective performance execution and overall knowledge worker productivity improvement. 

Managing Organizational Competencies - Focus on organizational competencies is more critical to achieving team alignment, effective execution and the right allocation of resources than is a focus on strategic goals.

Using Strategic Planning to Plan a Lunch - We apply strategic planning concepts daily for things like organizing a lunch, but do not use the same processes in running our business. 

The Value of a Non-Executive Chairman - Appointing a Non-Executive Chairman is the single most effective step a Board of Directors can take to force sweeping change in governance – a proven drive of higher market value.

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